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Happy BirthDerpDay Kim Myungsoo ♥

1 3 M a r c h 1 9 9 2
the most flawless boy born to the beautiful world.
It's Kim Myungsoo's birthday! ♥
Oh my god, I never knew time flows so fast ;_; 
It was the middle of November 2011 when I started to get close with Infinite. The first song of Infinite I heard was "Paradise". I know I'm lame 'cause I'm sometimes not updated with some fandoms. On that time, I only  recognise you 'cause some of my friends keep spazzing about you(: I realise, how beautiful Infinite's voices are.   And how flawless they are. Starting that, I slowly loving Infinite. 
And out of 7 flawless angels, you're the one that I adore. 
You know... what are the reasons I love you?
Seriously, too many words to describe how special you are. Picture of you up there shows everything. You're beautiful, handsome, good-looking. I really love it when you smile with eye smile and cute dimples. Your mysterious and dark stares; always makes me gone crazy. The guy named Kim Myungsoo also a good son of his mother. Mrs. Kim must have been so proud of you. Your mysterious  attitude makes me wants to know you more. It's really cute when sometimes you troll on your hyungs. Your hyungs also love your mature and childish (sometimes) attitude. No wonder you have buns of fangirls. No wonder I even claim you as mine. 
And I'm just a tiny ring in a box full of beautiful diamonds. 
Sweet 20th birthday, Myungsoo-oppa(: You're a grown up guy already! I hope you'll give some of your cheerful attitude someday - LOL. Keep your cool, beautiful and flawless image! You know Inspirits love it(; And pray too that I won't leave Infinite like how I leave SHINee and Boyfriend ;_; You know I love you dot dot dot  ♥ ♥

Okay. I'm enough here. I know you won't read this little crappy post and you don't know I'm exist, but at least I'm an Inspirit in your and other members' heart♥ ^^;;

- Miss Fantasies Inspirit


Monday, March 12, 2012 (10:45 PM)