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this is such a mess -____-

Hai blog. long time no see ah. i'm sorry that i can't update since i'm busy with school.


School. School. School.

Why am I having such a boring life?
Seriously. I'm starting to hate my life now. Problems everywhere. Everyday, I'll do the same things. Wake up, wash up, get ready for school, breakfast, school, tuitions, back to hostel, rest for awhile, dinner, night class, supper (sometimes), wash my face, sleep.
Okay. That's what I do in hostel. If at home; Wake up late, breakfast, reading comics, surfing internet, wash up, surfing internet, homeworks (lies HOHOHO), sleep, dinner, surf internet, sleep late.
I want to do something different from my life that I wanted since young. 
The thing I wanted since I was young is travel around the world alone with a Polaroid and HD camera. HOHOHO that sounds really cool! How I wish I'm on a beautiful hill with grass and flowers around me. Oh how I wish -_____-
I know, dream is a dream. I also don't know why I can't stop myself from dreaming. Everyday, every hours, every seconds, my job is daydreaming. Maybe because it can calm my heart, I think? LOLOLOL- I sound like old woman :P 
Also.. sometimes I always dreams that I have a husband named Kim Myungsoo with our children playing around and we lived on a peaceful hill... he treats me like his loyal wife omg. HOW I WISH T______T
Sometimes I think I'm too young for travelling alone, having handphone, MP3, laptop and some more. It's not me who think on that way -- but my family. Seriously, I need my own laptop that bad -___- because my bro keep disturbing me (doesn't he know he has such a HUGE and BIG exams coming on few months more? duhh) and my sisters aren't always home. I don't even have a handphone either to contact my old friends. 
// I can't believe it that MY RL BEST FRIEND didn't tell me that she moved to another country for almost 3 weeks already. Oh friend, do you even a friend?
I seriously hate this mess now. All I want is to start a new life- even if I couldn't, give me a time machine to go back to 2010-2011. ;____; I missed my old friends you know. I don't like being a junior 'cause your senior will be such a bish to you. Trust me. But what I can do? Nothing, right?  The past is the past. I can't go back to before. For people like me, you guys shall know and make this quote as the strength for you lifeu.

Again and again, no pain no gain.

This quote wake me up  and give me strength to start and continue my life. Wait, I sound like old woman again. -________-"

I think I shall stop my rant here since it's past 12AM already. Tomorrow I shall wake up early to buy some things. Also I'll go to hostel tomorrow. x____X I don't think I can go since I have sore throat + flu. But I don't think my mom will trust me if I say that. I HAVE THE FEELING OKAY -_____- wae no believe your own daughter. 
Good naiteu my beloved stalkers 

//runs off to sleep with myungsoo//

- Miss Fantasies
Saturday, April 7, 2012 (12:30 AM)