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You don't know me at all.

Hola hewwo haip guise. This time I present you EunTeuk Gee dance 8DDD
I'm in hurry actually LEL. I have like 55 minutes more before I will go back to my hostel ;AAA; 

Okay so my life at SMKAY is as usual, boriiiiiiiing. LOL I don't really like it when I have to wake up early in the morning ;AAA; 5:00 AM lol. But usually our dorm wake up late. We set the alarm clock like 5:00 AM or 4:45 AM but it rings on 5:45 AM. lolwhut =_____= my dorm mates run to bathroom like crazy while I'm just relax hewhewhew. 
I like it when I walk alone to class early in morning (sometimes), walk to evening class alone, (that's the best part) and everything alone. LOL.
Someone at my school says we can't live by ourselves, and we can't live alone. 
Ikr, we can't live by ourselves and live alone, and I couldn't too. 
But people are the one who let me alone. 
Get that?

Hew. I know many people don't like me anyway. 

Only my old friends know how I am. Who I am. Why my friends can live perfectly fine - but not me? 

So damn true isn't.

Yes. It's so hard to forget my buddies like Anis, Iffah, Najah, Syima, Umairah and lots more. x___x

Friends, you know me right? Who am I right? 

This is completely who I am. :D
So those strangers don't just be quiet and talk to me alright. 

Okay my father asked me to off already. x________x
Meet 2 weeks more or else or whatevaaaa. Kbaaaaiii.

- Miss Fantasies

Saturday, May 5, 2012 (2:57 PM)