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why this lifeu is so cruel.

Hewwo thuuuurr, this ish me again lol. ;3 
LOL, too bad you guise are going to read another freaking annoying blog, hurhurhur.
stop saying stupid things

Yeah. How I wish.

I don't know why, this feeling, a humble feeling can't stop me from thinking that this life is cruel.
Everytime! At SMKAY, at home, anywhere! I will feel like that.
Why? 'Cause I know I'm the one who always create troubles. I know, I know. I'm not even a good friend. I'm a bad and the worst friend ever. Sometimes I talk behind their back. Idk why, I just can't stop judging people. I know I'm show off. Deal with it. Urghh. I feel like want to smack my head already.

But it's not 100% my fault also. It's also people. Why they're so cruel huh? I friends with you guys, so you guys should do the same thing on me. You know it that I hate being alone. I look like a loner. No friends. Like a robot. 
Because of all this shit  I learned walking alone to my class and what so ever. I like being alone more 'cause I will think about myself a lot. But I will the same tho, harharhar. 
I'm trying to stand on my feet rn. Yes, I almost did it but I fell on the ground back.
I'm... a total coward.
Okay, I know I'm a person who easily gives up. I know that's me. I've got nothing to do about it. 
However I tried, I do, I'm still like this.

It's not life that sucks, but me.

- Miss Fantasies 
Saturday, April 14, 2012 (1:03 AM)