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sweet memories.

(read this blog whilst listening to this song)

p/s: ^ 'dat precious phone gonna be mine HARHARHAR.
i wish ;_;

Hewwo people :DDDD LOL this ish Hana agaaaaain ^.^
Now lemme tell you guise about some happy things happened in my lifeu 8DD

How sadistic my life is, there's still some happy things in my life.

Last Saturday (14 April 2012) I met some of my old friends back 8D Well it feels great to meet them back since it was the first time in this year I've ever meet them. 
We met at our old school since there's Canteen Day! We got on haunted house and watched BTD's performance  :D We also took pictures together! To be simple, everything on that day is perfect. 
Anis, Syima, Najah, Ummil ILY GUYS DOT DOT DOT DOT DOT 

Second thing that made me happy this year is my teacher praised my homework. Ok the story goes on like this. Our teacher gave us homework about Black Beauty and we have to do it in 1 paragraph; at least 3-4 lines. At first I'm not really sure, so I went to ask my teacher. When I'm understand alr, I went back at my place and tried to write. Done made a question, I went to show at my teacher if my answer is right. She read it and says "Good." Then I tried to do the second question and showed it to her if there's any grammatical wrong or my answer's not correct. Then she said "Good" again. I went to my seat back and tried the third question. Some of my friends went to ask teacher how to do. She, with a "aish-go-and-watch-her-book" face, went to my place and took my book. She said, "Class, this is how you should answer. Bla bla bla bla" On that time, guys on my class took my book and looked at it already. I looked down and whispered, "Why did teacher even promote my book hah, my book is not that pretty!" I'm not going to be show off, totally a no, but I'm proud of myself that my English is improving. 2-3 years before my weakest subject was English but now English's slowly take a place in my heart. Unlike Mathematics and Science LOLOLOL. Geography also. 
Although some happy things already happened this year, but still.
My sadistic life has never been gone.

I got some reports that people talked behind my back, still. -____-' these two people is like seriously. oh no, i mean three. Like my sister said, I've to be patient 'cause I'll have one soon. Okay, I got it. Soon-- but when? 

The most sadistic thing is, no one's trying to comfort me. I repeat, no one until one of my internet friends knew my problems (I told her) and she's the one who made me feel slightly better. 
I have bestfriends out there, but where are you people?
I know right, you guys have probs too. But do you think I have to hear all of your problems and you can't listen to mine?
Seriously. Tears can just flow out anytime it wants.


Enough here my rant. 
I wish all of you have a nice day 
I want to share to you guys a quote from a fanfic that I really love it.

Don't play with my heart. Because it gets so much pain that I think I'm going to die anytime.

HOHOHO done. 
Goodnight you amazing people

/throwing hearts like woohyun/

- Miss Fantasies

Saturday, April 21, 2012 (12:28 AM)