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::Miss Fantasies::

Hi there, strangers, old and new!
LOL I'm super duper sorry for the late comeback. I was stuck at my school for 3 freaking weeks :'( And now I'm on vacation, so I have a long time to write a long blog post. Keke.

I am still the hyper active and talkative Hana like before, don't worry trololol. So, I'm in first year of secondary school rn. Yes, I'm grown up already :'( I hate this, you know. Grown up means I have to stand by my own feet - although I'm feeling I'm still 9 years old. Maybe 'cause I'm too childish, lol.
I'm a junior at Agama Yan Secondary School. Yes, an islamic school. At first, I wasn't expected at all I'll get into that school, since I applied a different school. But since Agama Yan is the only one school I got, half-heartedly I went there as a student. At first - well, like other people, I'm clueless. That school is big, and the ways are confusing. Moreover, the school is near a hill and kinda in... jungle. LOL. At first I'm kinda awkward living there. I cried everyday and feeling like shouting, "Mom! Take me home!" but see, I'm living there for two months already. I'm proud of myself that I can suit myself in a new surrounding. But I'm not alone at all- I still have some friends from my primary school. 4 people from SKTA come to Agama Yan. At least I have friends to talk to- am I right?
If you guys ask for my opinion if that school neither good nor bad, I don't know what to say. That school is real great- 'cause now I finally can memorize some Surah like Al-Mulk, Al-Waqi'ah but people there... some of them like act like they know everything. My anger now always on top of my lungs 'cause people there always makes me angry. That's why I love being alone more - no one will bother me, and my anger won't be that high anymore.
Until now, I still have a feeling to transfer school. I applied MRSM before, but my form got rejected and I applied again and again and now, this time is the fourth. If I got rejected again then I'll give up on going to MRSM, but I'll try to go to SMKI, lololol. See how much I want to get out from that school. :)
But whatever it is, Hana is still Hana. :) ^^

I will continue my journal in other posts.

Miss Fantasies


Thursday, March 8, 2012 (9:31 PM)