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latest profile - LEL

Forever real name; Nur Fatin Hanani binti Salim 
Famous by; Hana, Nani
Me likeylikeysss; Ice-cream, chocolate, kitties, cute stuffs, k-pop merchandises, sleeps, comics, travelling, dreaming stupid things :3;;
Me hatessss; Caterpillars, eyebags (I'm saying to myself, LOL), girls who try to seduce my myungsoo (GRRR ._.), lady gaga, liars, haters, copycats :P 
Hobbies; Surfing le internet, day-dreaming (of Myungsoo, LEL), fantasy-ing, listening/humming to music, learning rap (FOREVER FAIL LEL), stalking, staring :3;;
I like; K to the POP. KPOP. 
Favourite music; Pop, romantic ^^;; 
Favourite k-songs; Warrior (BAP), Voice of My Heart (Infinite), Nothing's Over (Infinite), Crazy (Teen Top)
In relationship(s) with; Kim Myungsoo of Infinite (my husband, LEL), Lee Byunghun of Teen Top, Lee Sungyeol of Infinite, Zelo of B.A.P ●‿●
Awkward turtle buddies that I will never forget; Anis, Iffah, Najah, Adilah :3;; 
Current school; SMK Agama Yan (junior blehh)
I am;  A weird yet awkward turtle :3

That's all I think LOL. I think there's lots of changes from last year heh. 

K. that's all. Baaaaaaaaiiii. 

- Miss Fantasies (le awkward turtle)


Sunday, March 11, 2012 (4:55 PM)