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Hey, it's suck (2)

Hello everyone(:

Yeah, I wanna tell you! All my best friends is okay with me now (: Almost all but just left one. Y'all know, she didn't change. I know it when we check our Science work, she'll get high marks like 29/30 but on exam, she gets 18/30. means what? means she erased her answer. Also, her answer is nonsense answer. You know, my mother also said don't friends with her because she doesn't want to study anything. She always thinks she's pretty, like urghh. All my friends didn't like her. You know, we don't want to friends with her because we have reason. The reason is we want to study. We don't want being like you. Then, she likes kpop like us. my friend, Nina and Heeyoung already likes it for a year, she's the new. We (nina,heeyoung,me) always know the latest about kpop. She don't know, but she makes like she know. When we said "Hey it's SUJU!" she'll said "my siwon!" you know, it;'s weird. she know too but she still make it. For us, we doesn;t have to write/get the lyrics. We just memorize and sing. But she'll said with a show off face "hey, i've G.Na lyrics 'black and white'! Do you want to borrow it?" which make I feel annoyed.

What's the most I annoyed is, she loves to follow me. Wherever I go. Although to the school restroom. you know it;s messing rite? yeah, it's like hell. she always make a lied laugh. You know, I feel annoyed when friends with her now. Yesterday, I said, she couldn't stayback with me because I've already a lot of member. But she said her mother asks her to stayback with me although actually she said she wants to stayback with me. Like what? Like hell -,- .

Aigoo. what can i make she change?
Friday, July 8, 2011 (10:48 PM)