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Annyeong! Salam~!

Like I said, myself. Oke. My name is Nur Fatin Hanani binti Haji Salim. She met this beautiful awesome world on 10 October 1999, 8.00 a.m. Now she's 12 years old and hyper active girl.

About me? Yeah.
I'm from Malaysia or more detail, Sungai Petani, Kedah.
A happy-go-lucky girl, and so easy to sulking~~~ haha!!

How's my life:

Oh. You're advised to patient with me because..I'm easy to bad mood..and hyper active mood when you're bad mood!Hahaha~!
I'm okay if with NOT my BFF, but I'm unokay if I'm with my own BFF.
Why? Because my OWN BFF are about tomboy- except Iffah.
I'm really stress you know! Urghh.
For those who are touched, (MY BFF) YES IT'S YOU.
Except Umairah, Nuha, Syima.

Oh. I've be taken (:P!) by who? Umm.. Lee Taemin and someone? HAHAHA~! :P


I'm fall in LOVE with SHINee~Girls' Generation~B2ST~4MINUTE~HoMin!
I love them damn much!
The most SHINee song I like is One(Hana)!
Uwahh. It's very sad.. TT^TT

Girls' Generation?? I love Hoooooooot!
Siwon is awesome and handsome! :P

B2ST?? I like Beautiful!!!
So cute song >.<

4MINUTE?? I love HUH!

The most couple I love:


That's all about me now.. I've to go~ annyeong!*aegyo*

*sorry, sja speaking english skett~ :P*
Monday, April 4, 2011 (6:50 PM)