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:*The Pianist Part 3*:

Part 3 :))

He quite for a while. Then he said, “I’ve something to tell you.”

“What?” I asked.

“My omma and appa ask me to go Japan for school music next year,” Minho said.

“What?” I’m ask. Actually I’m very very shocked.

“Yes. Moreover, my cousin lived at there.” Minho said. From his sound, I know that he’s sad.

“Umm.. you agreed?” I asked.

“If I want or not.. I’ve to agreed..” Minho said. “But it next year. Not this year. Don’t sad. Let’s started.”

“Umm.. okay.” Then we started.

The next day…

“Are you sure, Minho? You’ll leave us?” Key asked Minho when he know that Minho will go to Japan next year.

“Yes. I can’t do anything,” Minho said.

“Then who will join play piano competition between school? We didn’t have anyone except you.” Jonghyun said.

They’re quite for a while.

“I think I know,” Minho said.

“Who?” Key, Jonghyun, Taemin and Onew asked.

“Kim Yeon,” Minho said. Then he smiled.

The next day, I put my bag at my class. When I wanted go to Yuna place, Minho called me at door. I go to him.

“Annyeong. Why you called me?” I asked him.

“You know that I’ll go to Japan next year, right? So nobody will join the piano competition because they didn’t expert except you. Can you?” He said.

“What? Me? I’m not sure. But I’ll think about it first,” I said then I smiled.

“Okay then, when you’re ready, tell me.” Minho said. “Okay, I go to my class first.”

When I reached home, I go to my bedroom. Should I join the competition? If I didn’t join it, our school will lose.. because the others didn’t expert.. so? What should I do?

Then I heard omma called me.

“Yeon.. let’s have the dinner.. appa, Hyuna unnie and Hyun are waiting you at dining room.” Omma said.

“Okay omma. I’m coming,” I said then I go to the dining room.

Then I remember about the piano’s competition. I think I should omma and appa.

“Umm.. omma, appa.. I’ve been invited to join piano’s competition for next year. Can I join?” I asked.

“Up to you. I think it’s good if you’re join. But why you are invited?” Appa asked. Then he eat his rice back.

“My friend will continue his education at Japan.. no one expert like him except me.. so, I’m invited.” I said.

“Owh.. I see.. if you want to join it, I allow.” Appa said. I’m so happy.

“Thanks appa! Love you!” I hugged appa.

Today is the second last day. I reached at my class. I put my bag then I go to Minho oppa’s class. I waved to him. Then he go to me.

“Hi, what are you doing here, Yeon?” He said.

“Umm.. I want tell you that I’m join.” I said.

“Really? Wahh.. thanks!” Minho face was very happy.

“Welcome.. I go to my class now.. meet you at piano’s room after school.” I smiled then I go to my class.

Today.. is the last day at school.

“Girls, we see next year, okay? I’ll miss you guys..” I hugged all my best friends. “Annyeong, I go home first..” I hugged them again. Minho just smiled.

“Minhosshi, don’t forget us, okay?” Yoon said.

“Haha.. sure. It’s crazy if I forget you all.” Minho laughed.

“Okay.. annyeong.. we go first..” I waved to them.

“Minho, treat me an ice-cream please.. I’m hungry.” I said to Minho. Haha, this is first time I ask him something.

“Okay.” Then he go to the Baskin Robbins. “Here.” He gave an ice-cream.

“Kamsahamida.” I said.

When we reached at my house, I said to him, “Annyeong. I’ll not see you again next year.” I said sadly.

“Umm.. you can go to airport, right?” He asked.

“Umm.. okay. For the last time...” I said.

“Okay then.. annyeong.. I’ve work to do.. just cheer up, okay?” He smiled then he go.

“Okay.. annyeong..”

Two months later.. school are opened. Today Minho will go to Japan. Now me, Minho, his parents, his best friends and my friends at the airport.

“Minho.. don’t forget us, your best friends, okay?” Jonghyun hugged Minho. He’s sad too.

“Yeah, don’t forget, okay?” Onew said. Then Taemin, Key and Onew hugged him too.

“Yeah. I’ll didn’t forget you all.” Minho said.

“And you don’t forget we too. Okay?” Yoon said.

“Okay.. I will.” Minho said then he smiled to all my friends.

“Don’t forget me too!” I said.

“Okay! Sure I’ll didn’t forget you, Yeon.” He said.

“Okay Minho, aeroplanes have arrived. We have to go now.” Minho appa’s said.

Minho hugged his friends for last time. Then, he said, “I’ll see you two years later, okay? And.. the important thing.. don’t forget me.” He said.

For the last time, he waved to us then he go. Then I cry.

“Yes. I’ll never forget you.”


Today is the piano’s competition. I a little bit scared, but my friends support me make me feel more better.

Now is our turn. We played the song. I’m a little bit scared too, but when I’m thinking about Minho, that feel is gone. We did it.

“The first place is.. Chungwoon High School!” we’re very shocked. Finally. We win! I’m so happy.

Minho, this is present for you.

Now, two years has passed. Now I studied at Chungwoon University.

It’s winter now. I walked back to home. I heard from Key oppa that Minho is back. I’m hurry to home because I want go to his house. I also heard that Yoon have be Onew oppa’s girlfriend, the person who Yoon crazy for two years. Jessica have be Jonghyun oppa’s girlfriend too. Haha, their love are funny.

“Miss me, Yeon?” I heard one sound from my back. I turn my head. And it is..

“Minho?!” I’m shocked.

“Shocked? Haha.. I’m back.” He said. Then he smiled.

“Minho!” I’m happy. “I really really miss you!” I hugged him.

“Haha.. I miss you too.” Minho said.

“Why you didn’t tell me?” I asked.

“Just want you to get shocked!” He said.

“Haha..” I just laugh.

“Let’s go.” He pulled my hand.

“Where?” I asked.

“Baskin Robbins! Your favourite!” He said.

I’m really happy. Now he’s back. I’ll not cry anymore.

“Let’s go!”

~ The end of The Pianist ~

*Mianhe, cita nie jiwang cket. hihi~*

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