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:*The Pianist Part 2*:

Part 2.. :DD

“What?! Are you serious Haewon?!” We asked. We are so shocked with that news.

“Yes. I’m not joking.” Haewon said.

“When?” Yuna asked.

“Yesterday.. when I waiting the bus..” Haewon said.

“Ahh.. I’m jealous to you Haewon. Finally you be Taemin oppa’s girlfriend. When my Key oppa will asked me to be her girlfriend?”Yuna said sadly.

“Me too. I really really like Jonghyun oppa.” Jessica said.

“Me too.. my Onew oppa..” Yoon sighed.

I wanted to laugh. Haha, they were so funny.

“How about you, Yeon?” Yoon asked.

“How me? How what?” I asked back.

“You didn’t like Minho oppa?” Yuna asked.

I’m shocked.. “What are you guys talking about?”

“Last Sunday, when I wanted to get home, I see you with Minho oppa in piano’s room.” Haewon said.

“What?” Jessica, Yoon and Yuna shocked. Then they looked at me.

“Is that true, Yeon-a?” Jessica asked.

“Umm.. yes.. I didn’t tell you guys because I’m afraid.. if I tell you, you will hate me.. I’m sorry..” I said. I didn’t look at their face.

“Why we will hate you? We’ll love you more, Yeon!” Yuna said.

“Thanks guys!! I love you so much!! You’re my best friend forever!” I said happily.

“Hahaha.. so?” Haewon asked.

“So what?” I asked back.

“Do you like Minho oppa?” Yoon asked.

I didn’t answer that question. A few minutes then I answer.

“Umm.. a little bit.” I answered.

“We’ll support you too, Yeon.” Haewon said.

“Thanks my best friends forever!!” I hugged them.

After school, like usual I go to piano’s room. I waited him. Five minutes later, he come.

“Sorry for late.. I’ve work to do just now. Hehe..” He sit beside me.

“Owh.. it’s okay..” I said.

“Shall we start?” Minho asked.


“Okay, I want you practice. Because the exam is next week,” He said.

I played the piano. I’m a little bit scared because I didn’t too expert play the piano..

“Good! You’re improve now! Congratulations!” He very happy.

“Thanks for teaching me, Minho.” I said.


1 hour later..

“Thanks for today. Annyeong, Minhosshi.” I said then I waved to him.

“Yeon-a!!” He called me.

“Yes, why, Minho?” I asked him.

“I treat you an ice-cream, would you?” He said.

How he know that I really really like ice-cream? Ah, whatever. “Let’s go!”

He treat me Baskin Robbins ice-cream.. butter pecan and jamoca flavour.

“Thank you, Minho. I really like it.” I thanked to him.

“Umm.. Yeon, can I ask you?” Minho said.

“Sure. What?” I asked him meanwhile I eat that ice-cream. So delicious!

“Umm… can you.. be my girlfriend?” Minho asked.

“What?!” I shocked.

“Would you?” Minho asked me again. “I like your smile. You make me happy. You’re sincere to be my friends. Would you?” He said.

“Sure.” I said. It’s crazy if I say not.

“Thanks.” He smiled.

A week later..

I put my bag on the class.. Ah.. my friends didn’t come yet… maybe I should go to canteen..

Then somebody pushed me. I saw Eunsook and her friends.

“Why you pushed me?” I asked her.

“Why? You take my Minho oppa!” She said angrily.

“How did you know?” I asked. Actually I’m shocked. Aigoo, how she know that? I’m forgot that she really likes Minho.

“It’s not on your business, okay? I’m angry that you take my oppa!” She put up her hand to slapped me but someone pushed her hand.

“Don’t do it, Eunsook.” Minho said. His face was so serious. “Or I call teacher.”

Eunsook pulled her hand then she go to her class. “I’ll get my revenge,” Eunsook whispered to me.

Ah.. what’s her problem? I didn’t bother her, right? Maybe just about.. Minho oppa.. aigoo..

One week later …

This week is exam. I’ve tried my best to answer it. Three days later, I got my results. I got straight A. I was so happy.

“How your results, Yuna?” I asked.

“Umm.. not bad. Congrats to you. Haewon got straight A like you too.”

Yuna said.

“Yeah. Thanks. How about Yoon and Jessica?” I asked.

“Owh.. I don’t know.. they didn’t come yet.” She said.

The bell rang. 10.15 a.m. Now is break time. Me and my best friends rest under the tree near library.

“Why you are so quite, Yuna?” Jessica asked.

“Umm.. nothing.” Yuna said.

“Just say it.. we’ll hear.” I said.

“Umm.. Key oppa.. asked me..” Yuna said. then she stopped.

“Asked what?” Jessica said.

“I got straight A.. he know about that and asked me to teach him.” Yuna said.

“Mwo? When?!” We’re shocked.

“Just now.. when I’m checking my results..” Yuna said.. then she smiled.

“Since Haewon and Yeon get their oppa, we’ll try to get our oppa!!” Yoon and Jessica promise. “Hwaiting!” We laughed to Jessica and Yoon.

After school, like usual, I go to piano’s room. He’s waiting for me. I smiled to him.

“Annyeong.” I said.

“Ah, annyeong.” Minho smiled. “I heard that you get straight A. Congratulations!” His sound was very happy.

“Thanks.. shall we start?” I asked.

“Welcome. Yeah, let’s start.” He said.

I’m enjoy with him. He’s very nice to me. But, many girls antis me now. I just ignore them.

“Annyeong, Minhosshi!!” I waved to him.

“Annyeong!” He waved back then he smiled.

This week is the last week to school for this year. We got an exam two weeks ago, and we get the results today. I got straight A with all my best friends. We’re so happy. I heard that Minho oppa get straight A too. I’m so happy.

“Congratulations, Minho. You get straight A, same with me.” I said to him when me and him walked to go home. He treat me Baskin Robbins ice-cream again.

“Thanks. Congrats to you too.” He said. He eat an ice-cream too.

“Ah, now we are arrived. Annyeong,” I said then I go into my house.

Three days later.

I go to piano’s room after school. I waiting for him then he’s coming. He’s face looks sad.

“Why your face look so sad?” I asked him.

He quite for a while. Then he said, “I’ve something to tell you.”

~ end for part 2 ~

agak pnjg.. n agak jiwang.. hihi~

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