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:*The Pianist Part 1*:

Nie fanfiction SHINee pertama saya.. hrap suka.. n jiwang ckett XD

My name is Yeon. I'm 16 years old. I studied at Chungwoon High School... one day.. when I arrived at school.. I put my bag on my chairs. My best friends, Jessica, Yuna, Haewon and Yoon call me to their place.. Then I go to them.

"Why you guys call me?" I asked.

"I got Taemin's number!!" Haewon said happily.

"How you can got his phone number?" I'm shocked.

"When I waiting for the bus, he called me and gived his phone number! I'm so happy!!" Haewon said.

"You are lucky, Haewon. It's difficult to get Jonghyun oppa's number." Jessica said. Her face was so sad.

"Why you guys so liked them? I think they not too handsome or what." I said.

"What? You're weird, Yeon. They are so cool." Yoon said.

"I don't know.. whatever. I want go to the library." I said then I leaved them.

My school is famous with 5 handsome and cute seniors. Onew oppa, Key oppa, Taemin oppa, Jonghyun oppa and Minho oppa. They are famous, talented, clever and hot. They are perfect. They are good friends. Just Minho oppa is different. He is a quite guy. He didn't talk to many people. He will talk when somebody ask him.. what a weird guy.

I reached at the library. I go to the shelves and searching music book. When I got the book, I sit at the chair near the piano's room. I really like music. For me, music is my life. Then, I heard one sound. Really loud. I'm shocked.

I walked to the piano's room.. I saw a guy with black hair..

"Umm.. annyeong." I said.

He turns his head. I'm shocked that the guy is Minho oppa.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Um.. I heard the loud sound.. I think the sound come from here.. So I came here." I said. I scared if he scolded me. But he smiled to me. His smile are so sweet..

His face are white.. his eyes are black too. With his black hair. Now I know, why many girls liked him crazily.

"You liked to play piano?" He asked.

"Umm.. a little bit." I answered.

"Try play the piano, okay? I want heard how you play."

"What?" I'm shocked.


"Umm.. okay." Then I play the piano.

I played the piano.. the song is Hello from SHINee. I really like that song.. so sweet..

Then he clapped. I'm weird.

"You're good. I'll teach you. Come at this place after school. I'll wait you." He said.

"What?" I'm shocked.

"Just come, okay? Now go to your class." He said.

Then I go to the class.. my 5 best friends were waiting for me.

"Where did you go, Yeon? We are looking you!" said Jessica.

"Umm.. just go to library."

"We reached there. But you didn't there." Jessica said.

I'm shocked. Oh no. I'm forgot that I'm at piano's room.

"I'm at piano's room. Why?" I said..

"Owh.. no, no. We are worried. We are best friend, right? Should loves each other." Yuna said.

I'm happy that I'm have them. They are so love me. But .. about I talk with Minho oppa, I'll didn't tell them. I scared if they were mad to me and hate me.

After school, I go to the piano's room. He waited me at there.

"Err.. annyeong, Minho." I said.

"Oh, annyeong." He said. He smiled to me. His smile was so sweet..

"By the way, what's your name?" He asked.

"Umm.. my name is Kim Yeon. Call me Yeon." I said. I smile to him.

"Owh, okay. Yeon, sit at here, I'll teach you. I'll play first.

"Okay." I said.

He started played the piano.. omo.. he really feel the song..

"Okay, I'll teached you to be an expert like me." He started teach me. I'm think that he is selfish guy. But he really a nice guy.

"I'll come tomorrow. Annyeong!" I waved to him.

A few days later..

"Girls! Come to me!!" Haewon said happily.

"Waeyo, Yuna?" Yoon asked her.

".............." Haewon said happily.

"WHAT?!" I, Jessica, Yoon and Yuna shocked.

~^^THE END.^^~

Wait for Part 2.. coming soon! Oh yeah, comment plz.. :)

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