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::Enemy Become Love::

Salam.. nie fnfiction kedua.. agak jiwang.. hope you loike it :)

My name is Kim Hae Kyung. My family and all my friends call me Kyung. My age is 15. I studied at Konkuk High School, Seoul, Korea. I've a happy family and many friends here.

0ne day...

I woke up for my dream. Then I looked at my clock. 7.30 a.m. "Noo!! I'm late!!" I get up from my bed then I take a bath. Then I take my bag. Oh no, I'm already late! "Omma, I go to school now!!" I ride my bicycle and go to school.

Ding!Dong!Ding!Dong! The bell rang. Oh no, I'm late. Ahh, I'll scolded again.. Huhu..

"Kyung! This is five times on this month you're late!" My teacher scolded me. "You're fine to sweep the class after school today!"

Oh no, I'm fine again! So sad.. this is because I watched Oh! My Lady until 1.30 a.m. last night.

Now 10.00 a.m. It's break time. I and my friends rest under the tree.

"Girls! Yesterday, when I'm waiting for my abuchi, I saw Jonghyun oppa. When I looked at him, he looked at me too and he smiled to me!!" Hyun said.

"Ah? Really?! Woaa!!" Haesu said.

"What is 'special' about him? Or his gang? I think they're playboy." I said.

"No. They're single. Until now. Hehe," Hyujae said. "We had our oppas. You? Ah, you can take Minho oppa. Keke," she said.

"Why me? Huh, just waste my time." I said. "Let's go to class."

When I'm walking with my friends.. someone crashed me make me and that people fall.

"Yah! Can you use your eyes?!" 'someone' said to me. It's Minho oppa. Oh no!!

"You! Not me! You crash me first right?! Don't blame the other people!" I said back.

He quite. Then he said "You're stupid girl!"

I can't survive. Then I slapped him make him quite. Then I run to my class.

Ahh.. he think who is he? Who are you want to be rude to me? Huh!! I know he's hot, cute, handsome, clever and whatever but he couldn't do that for people like me.. arghh.. let it be.. Kyung... why you want thinking about him..?

There are three others oppas. Key oppa, Taemin oppa and Onew oppa. They're kind, not like Minho oppa. He's a little bit rude.

"Why I'm crying..?"


The next day..

~Minho's Pov~

Ahh.. I've made that girl crying..what should I do..?

Apologize..?Would she want to apologize me..?


~Kyung's Pov~

I reached at school 7.00 a.m. Really really early. Hehe. I put my bag in my class. Ah, I'm hungry. Better I go to canteen to eat.

When I'm on my way to canteen, someone touch my arms. I turn my head.. I'm shocked. Minho oppa. Why he's here..?

"Waeyo? You want to be rude to me again?" I said.

" I just want to apologize to you. That's all. Okay?" He said.

"What?" I said. Then I laughed.

"Why you're laughed?" He asked.

"It's funny when someone like you, that is a handsome guy, cute guy, clever and whatever, apologize to someone. And it's me, Kim Hae Kyung." I said.

"So?" He asked.

"So, I didn't accept your apologize. Understand..?" I said then I leave him.

"Huh.. what a crazy girl!" He said angrily.

Haha, now I'm feel better. I did it!! Yeah!!

The bell rang.. I go to my class.. now is English lesson. I searched my book on my bag.

Oh no! Where's my English book..? I forgot to bring that book..? But I think I've put that book on my bag last night.. Argghh.. I'll get scolded!!


After school..

I'm waiting for bus... huh.. I'm really sad.. how I forgot that book..?? Huh..!!

"You're looking for this book, right..? Haha," someone is talk to me. I turn my head.

"That's my book!" I said..

"Haha.. I know that," Minho said. "This is your book.. I stole that from your bag."

"But why? Give my book back!" I said. But he didn't give my book.

"That's the revenge for someone that didn't accept my apologize." He said.

"So.. what should I do..?" I said.

"For what?" He asked.

"For I can get my book back..?" I asked.

He quite for a while. Then he smiled. He walk closer to me. "Accept my apologize."

"What?" I asked. "Huh.."

"Or you will didn't get your book!" He said.

"Okay! Okay! Fine!" I said.

"Haha.." he laughed. "Here, the book."

When he give my book back.. my bus coming.. I walk faster to the bus.. When the bus go, I see Minho is see my bus.

"Crazy guy." I said.

The end for Part 1... waiting for part 2!!

Annyeong.. comment plz..^^

This idea is from Hannan Nik Kamal and Anis Syaheera.. thnxx!!^^

Friday, December 17, 2010 (11:25 PM)