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::Enemy Become Love Part 2::

Part 2..

"Crazy guy." I said


The.. next day..

I come early too this morning...just didn't want get scolded today.. I promise! Then I go to my best friends.

"Kyung ah.. you know that?" Haesu asked.

"Know what? I know that I'm cute," I said. Haha.

"Ahh.. I know you're cute but this is hot news!!!" Haesu said.

"What?" I asked.

"Yesterday, I saw Onew oppa with one girl..arghh!! I really really mad.. huhu.." Haesu said.

This girl.. aisshh.. really really like Onew oppa... haha.. 'good taste'.

"Huh.. whatever. I want go to the library." I said.

When I reached at library, I take the book from shelves then I sit at the chair. A few minutes later, someone sit beside me. That's Minho oppa. What he want from me?! I just quite. Then he come closer and he looked at my book. Then he go.

"Why with that guy? Crazy? Ah.. he really crazy. You're always right, Haha." I said.

The next day...

I put my bag on my class. I want go to my friends but someone stopped me.

"Kiyoung-ah! Why you're pushed me?" I scream.

"Hey! You take my Minho oppa right?!" She scream.

"No! It's crazy! I didn't like him, okay?!" I said. Then I pushed her.

From that day, Kiyoung hates me. Not just her, but almost all fans of Minho oppa hates me because I'm close to him.


Two days later, after school..

I ran to the tree back of library. I cried at there. Then I scream loudly, "Why me? Why me?!"

I'm sad. This morning, I got letter from Sooyoung and her gang. Don't close with Minho oppa again.Many times I said, I didn't have anything with him.

I also have been bullied by Yuri's gang.. they pushed me until I fell down. I also get wound at my leg and hand. It's really hurts.

"Arghhh!!!! I don't likes Minho oppa!!!! I hate him!! Can you all understand that?!!?!" I scream. I thought nobody at there.

"Umm.. are you okay, Kyung?" 0ne sound talks to me. I turn my head. It's Minho oppa! 0h no! Did he hear that?

"Oh.. you're hurts." Then he take something in his pocket.. its handkerchief and plaster. "Give your hand to me."

I gave my hand.. then he took plaster my hand and legs.... his hand is so warm.. then, he wipe my tears... this is fist time he being really nice to me...

We just quite. The time like stopped. Just two of us under that tree.

"Why you being like this? Why you're crying?" He asked.

I just keep silent.

"Just tell. I didn't mad." Minho said..

"Umm.. I've been bullied by Yuri's gang.. and this wound.. she did it. Then I got letter from Sooyoung gang, don't close with you. While I'm hate to you. Why me? You hate me too right..? I know you hate me too.." I said. I'm crying again.

He just silent. 0nce again, the time like stopped. Just we, and we just keep silent.

We silent for three minutes. 0n that time, I already daydream XD

He keep staring at me. He is so weird. XD

Then, I feel something. It feels warm. Then I woke up from my daydream. I blushed. Minho oppa! He hugged me. But why?

I want to move, but I can't.

"I know how your feelings. Mianhae, Kyung." He said.

Minho..? This is he or vampire..? He's really different today. He weird, rude but sometimes he's nice. Now, I know that he's cute.His hug make me feel better.


From the day he hugged me, I didn't talk to him or see him anymore. My heart said it's interesting that he's didn't bother me anymore, but actually I'm miss him. I said that just to calm myself.

After school, I go to the tree that I'm crying then he calm me. He's at there. But I didn't brave to talk with him. I just let him be..

Two weeks later..

Now is winter. It's so cool... I wear mafla for prevent from cold.

I go to school. I put my bag. Then, I saw letter on my desk.

"Ahh.. warning letter again..? But I didn't accept any letter warning since the day I cry.." I said.

I read that letter.

Kim Hae Kyung,

Come under the tree back of library at 4.00 p.m. I waiting at there.

Choi Minho.

I shocked. This letter from, Choi Minho..? That handsome guy, rude guy, nice guy, cute guy..? Why he want to see me..? Ah, I'll know this evening. Just wait..

That evening, I wear my jacket and my mafla. Oh, don't forget, the earphone and an ipod too. Music is my life. I'm hearing Replay from SHINee. Keke, that's song is very sweet... :DD

I take my bicycle. "0mma, I go first!!"

I ride my bicycle. Then I reached at school. I go to that tree. I see he didn't come yet.. I'm just waiting, and waiting.

Five minutes later, he come.

"Sorry for late. You've long been arrived?" He asked.

"No.. I just.. arrived.. five minutes.. ago.." I said..

"Owh.. actually.. I want to tell you something.. and ask you something.." He said.

"Owh.. okay.. just tell.." I said..

"Umm.. You remember the day that.. I hugged you right..? I don't know how I hugged you, just my feelings. I'm very pity to you just because me, you're hurts. When I hugged you, I feel different. So, from that day, I embrassed to meet you." Minho said.

0mo, this is really Minho..? Minho that rude to me..? Ahh, so sweet! XD (*jiwang*)

"So.." he said then he stopped. "I think I like you.. from the day I crash you.. and from that day, I always watch you.. and I saw you under that tree.."

I silent. 0mo, he likes me? Really? Kyung, you're dream or what? The popular guys, Minho oppa, said he likes me! But, did I like him?

"This is first time I likes someone.. and it's you, Kim Hae Kyung. Would you accept me as your boyfriend..?" He asked.

Owhh..! This is first time in my life.. but.. would I accept him..?

Yeah, I think, I'm fell to him too. From the day that he hugged me.

"Starting from the day that you hugged me, I fell to you too." I said. "So, I accept you, Minho." I'm blushed.

"You're also my first love. Haha, we're same."

Minho smiled. I'm smiled too. At last, he hugged me. I'm very happy.

(Minho's POV)

I'm happy.. you accept me..

You're my first and the last..

*end minho's POV*

(Kyung's POV)

I'm happy too.. cause you're mine (jiwang tol10000x!!!)

Saranghae =>__<=

Now, I know, I've found my true love that called,

"Fighting Two Love"



Kim Hae Kyung: Hana^^

Kim She Hyun: Key^^

Park Haesu: Aida^^

Park Hyujae: Izyan^^

Choi Minho: Minho^^

Kim Kibum: Key^^

Kim Jonghyun: Jonghyun^^

Lee Jin Ki: 0new^^

Lee Taemin: Taemin^^


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Thnx to Anis Syaheera for helping me how the end..^^

kamsa hamida^^

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